Ingrosso, LIOHN, Salvatore – FLAGS!

It’s been two years since we heard some of Sebastian Ingrosso‘s solo material. “Reload”, alongside Tommy Trash and John Martin, still stands as one of the most stirring electronic tracks this decade, so it is with great interest we observe what is on offer next by the Swedish titan.

Moving on from his days as part of the radio-friendly Swedish House Mafia, and taking time away from his current Axwell /\ Ingrosso movement, the Refune label-leader has teamed up with fellow Swedish natives, Salvatore Ganacci and LIOHN.

While significantly lesser known, Salvatore and LIOHN are distinctive and reputed in their own rights. With the latter having remixed Galantis’ “In My Head” and the Grammy-winning “Where Are Ü Now”, LIOHN has caught the attention of one the industry’s biggest names. With Salvatore already having a release on Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Records 6 months ago, his connections with the Swedish maestro were well established. He also created a stir with Danny Howard’s BBC Radio 1 show a year ago with “Fresh” in collaboration with Jillionaire.

Titled “Flags”, the track by the trio is something we’ve never heard from Sebastian Ingrosso’s portfolio. Distinctly edgier and darker, the influence of Salvatore Ganacci and LIOHN is impossible to miss. Deeper in sound from the outset, the influence of Ingrosso is hard to recognise at first. Opening with a daunting sequence of bass, vocal riff and drawn out synth’s, the tracks atmosphere is quickly established. Rising rapidly in tempo, the trap-esque drop delivers a flurry of liquid sounds more often associated with dubstep and trap artist’s.

“Flags” is undoubtedly going to turn heads and create a division of opinion. Lacking in the familiar melody and drawn out building up’s from Ingrosso, it uses forthcoming FX, bass house elements and deep tones stemming from Salvatore and LIOHN’s material, to create a club-heavy mood. While some may feel it was an opportunity missed, the track highlights the creative exploration that’s already trending in 2016, and the rise of possibly the next dominant sub-genre.

Check out the preview the below, and let us know your thoughts!

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