Jack Ü turn to rock at the Grammys, giving Where Are Ü Now a remode to remember

Jack Ü comprised of Skrillex & Diplo had the privelege of performing at this year’s Grammy Awards and they did the electronic music community proud alongside Justin Bieber. The trio deservedly bagged the ‘Best Dance Record’ award for their iconic hit, ‘Where Are Ü Now’. Bieber began the proceedings with ‘Love Yourself’ to get the crowd moving;  Diplo & Skrillex are revealed just after. Where Are Ü Now swoops in with a mesmerising display of light manipulation as the trio get comfortable on stage.

The brilliant part of the performance lies in the fact that both Diplo & Skrillex chose to play instruments live instead of standing behind their DJ equipment. Electronic music and its artists have been scrutinized for being talentless and just pressing play buttons for years now. Jack Ü took one of the biggest stages in the world to show what producers/artists in the scene can really do.

In addition, they reworked the track; completely stripping it of it’s tropical house vibe and infusing a powerful rock element instead. Watch below as Skrillex shreds the electric guitar and Diplo dominates the drumline. Skip to 2:00, if you’re looking to avoid Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’.

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