John Christian & Arin Tone blissfully remake “Infinity”

John Christian has never been one to shy away from a musical challenge, of any kind. And neither has Arin Tone, proven by his latest musical endeavors. So it only seems suitable for the two to combine their talents, experience and budding passion to form a fitting tribute to one of the industry greats.

Iconic track’s are hard to re-do. Even harder to re-imagine. And nearer impossible to re-invent and re-master. Undoubtedly one of dance musics most influential and timeless pieces, “Infinity” by the late Guru Josh (Paul Walden), is already in the history books for all the right reasons. A reflection of the beauty of the modern genre and it’s ability to transcend boundaries and differences.

In dedication to the legend himself, Arin Tone and John Christian fully re-formed the track. Recording each element of the instrumental’s and vocal’s, the new combination of aspects has given it a special edge to help celebrate and mark the end of a titanic career. Having already had a glowing reception, the pairs 2016 remix of “Infinity” in many ways has been a form of solace for man of Guru Josh’s adoring fan base.

With the Dutch Top 40 site already taking notice of the pairs masterful work, Freeway Recordings is set for another substantial release of significant proportions. Opening with their recreated elements, the toned vocals sit nicely on top of the opening prolonged chords. Still holding its spine-tingling effect from the outset, the cushioned beat rises gallantly below the iconic melody of the saxophone. Added to by the symbolizing clash of drums, the progression that holds such nostalgia and carries with it memories of fond past times kicks in with an energized pitch. Echoing ‘the’ chordal sequence, Arin Tone and John Christian revamp “Infinity” with an infusion of big-room festival flare, adjusting the atmosphere to one of happy reflection on a stellar career.

With the likes of W&W already featuring the track on their ‘Mainstage’ podcast, Arin Tone’s and John Christian’s continued collaboration and work together is only improving with time. Assuredly looking down with grateful and appreciative eyes, Guru Josh can be proud of his legacy and impact on the scene as a whole. Forever one of the fore-fathers of the modern emergence and dominance of the genre, this remix of his most notable track has in turn left its special mark as well.

Be sure to grab your copy from Freeway Recordings on Beatport today!

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