Loudan – Envision

It has been a couple of months since Mexican producer Loudan has stayed strangely quiet.

This time was not taken just for the sake of making people wait, it was planned and was an important time for the young producer to decide where he wanted to take his musical career. Loudan has proved that he can take over many genres, that his production skills are highly versatile but a producer does have to create his own sound to be recognized. The dance music scene is nowadays getting flooded with unoriginal tracks, and this is exactly why this youngster decided to take some time off just to think about where he wanted to guide his very own sound.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back the new Loudan. A new vision, with a sound he believes in. This is “Envision”.

“Envision” is one those dreamy tracks you could easily find on MrSuicideSheep’s YouTube channels. Just the intro takes you to another place and it keeps getting better. Just lay back, listen to this down-tempo, yet energetic track. You can feel this is something that electronic music requires. An emotion, an idea, a dream. Loudan takes the world by surprise by making his own twist to ambient house, with delicate backbeats and a beautiful melody.

We wish all the best to this young producer who decided to follow his own path and found himself in what he truly believes in. This is how real artists are born. Keep it up Loudan!

Music, literature, painting, tattoo, video games, and politics lover. The beat saves my life.

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