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Adrian Lux' astonishing hit "Torn

Adrian Lux – Torn Apart (L’TRIC Remix)

Home Uncategorized Adrian Lux – Torn Apart (L’TRIC Remix)

Adrian Lux‘ astonishing hit “Torn Apart” is known mainly for it’s emotive nature and goosebump-inducing vocals, but today we have a remix from Australian duo L’Tric who consist of producers Ivan Gough and Andy Jaimes.

This remix gives a completely fresh and new touch on Torn Apart and flips it from a melancholy progressive house masterpiece to an upbeat house track with nods to the classic house sound of the 80s and 90s. For a style that is often neglected amongst popular producers these days, Gough and Jaimes have blended the old with the new and really showcases their talent as producers.

You can listen to the track below and we also we to give a special mention to their 2 hour “Brief History of House Music”, which you can also find below:

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