Marcus Mouya – The Fairytale

Melodic house producer Marcus Mouya has undoubtedly been catching the attention of many dance music lovers as of late. His superior productions have continuously refreshed every listener’s ears with their awe-inspiring progressions and uplifting sounds. Evidently, nothing has changed as Mouya delivers another heartwarming track titled “The Fairytale”, solidifying his status once again as one of the industry’s most innovative and unique producers.

Starting off with a breathtaking melody and a series of well-designed chord progressions, the top-notch quality of the track is presented right from the get-go. Once the pulsating kicks begin to ensue, this lovely tune’s energy rises, which would simply cause anyone dance to the beat. The blend of the different sound elements the track consists of is truly remarkable, making it the perfect summer jam to listen to all day long.

The track is available for free, which you can download here.