Marshmello x Slushii – WaNt U 2 (Valentine’s Day VIP)

Everyone’s favorite anonymous producer is back… Marshmello has teamed with up-and-coming producer Slushii for an incredible Valentine’s Day VIP remix of “WaNt U 2.”

The combination of Marshmello and Slushii is one that should have been expected by fans, just do to the anonymity of the two artists.  Marshmello has been a popular topic over the past months with his bouncy productions to pair along with his unknown identity.  Whereas Slushii has truly come out of nowhere, unleashing some unique productions, including a funky remix of Kaskade’sDisarm You.”  While the discussion seems to always be about the artists seems to always be about their identities, frankly, it does not truly matter.  The two have been making some incredible music so far and as fans, we are lucky to be treated to it.

As for their collaboration, their VIP remix of Marshmello’s original record “WaNt U 2” adds some melodic bounce to the track, turning it into something that you can truly groove to.   It is a record that, while keeping the flavor of the original, has a new beat that takes over and combines the two producer’s individual styles.  The use of the drums up in the buildup is a fun way to gradually build up to a mellow drop.

We have been treated to a great Valentine’s Day gift by the duo of Marshmello and Slushii.  Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a budding relationship between the two.  Their VIP Remix of “WaNt U 2” is available for a free download today.