Martin Garrix confirms his album is coming this year through Twitter video


We’ve known that he’s been working on it for quite some time, but yesterday Martin Garrix confirm via Twitter that his upcoming debut artist album will be released at some point in 2016.

In what looks to be a collaboration between Twitter video and Garrix, the short clip which follows some of Twitter’s “favourite video creators” with Garrix appearing around midway through the video which we’ve linked below for your convenience.

Garrix has taken some time away from touring at present and spent the last part of 2015 as well as nearly all of 2016 so far in the studio and working with numerous artists such as John Martin and Julian Hardway. Through his Snapchat we’ve also been given a glimpse into some of the upcoming tracks expected on his album such as the ID he played at Sunburn Goa at the end of 2015 (fan titled as “Lockdown”).

This will certainly be one of the most anticipated albums of the year in the dance music world, and just like last year in Miami we’d expect that a couple of these tracks will be played during Martin’s set at Ultra, either way we’ll be the first place to report any future news on his album.

Fast forward to 45 seconds in this clip to see Garrix very briefly talk about his album and also check out Martin’s ID “Lockdown”.