Mat Zo announces release date and tracklist for second album

Mat Zo is a producer who has a lot to live up to. Ever since he went on a very controversial, but also very true rant on Twitter back in May, fans have been eagerly anticipating new material from the English artist to live up to the accusations he was making.

Zohar’s first album, “Damage Control” was released to critical acclaim back in 2013, with hits such as “Easy” and “The Sky” which showcased the artists knack for sound design and creative abilities. Now, 3 years later he’s back and ready to delight fans once again. He recently teased us with 3 tracks from his upcoming album which can be heard over on his Soundcloud, and by the sound of things so far it doesn’t look like “Self Assemble” isn’t going to disappoint.

The album will drop March 25th and you can have a look at the tracklist below:

1. Order Out of Chaos
2. The Enemy (feat. Sinead Egan)
3. Sinful (feat. I See MONSTAS)
4. Patterns Emerging
5. Killing Time
6. Smacked up on Jack
7. Ruffneck Bad Boy (VIP)
8. Lights Out
9. Soul Food
10. Stereo No Aware
11. Too Late (feat. Sinead Egan)
12. The Last Transmission