Merk & Kremont talk about career and new track with Fedde Le Grand in exclusive interview

Italian duo, Merk & Kremont have been on a constant rise ever since they burst into the electronic scene with their groovy and heart-pumping music. These artists from Milan have garnered the support of not only fans but also their fellow producers including Steve Angello and Nicky Romero. Another supporter of Merk & Kremont is prominent Dutch producer Fedde Le Grand, who recently collaborated with them for a track called “Give Me Some”. Talking about their experience working with Fedde as well as their overall musical career, we chatted with the duo for an exclusive interview.

1) How did you guys get your start in electronic music? How did you become a partnership?

We started our career in electronic music a long time ago, when we were both sixteen but we met and we actually started to produce music together back in 2011 when a mutual friend of ours, who also gave us the first basic information necessary to produce music, introduced us to each other in Merk’s Studio. From that time we decided to start a vocal track together. We liked each other passion toward music and from then we continued to collaborate on every new record.

2) What was it like releasing one of the biggest tracks on SIZE Records in 2014 with ‘Amen?

The record seemed to be everywhere and received a huge amount of support. Did you have any idea it would get that big? We wanted to release a record on SIZE imprint since we started producing music… When we gave AN21 “Amen”, we never expected to have such an incredible feedback from his brother, owner of the record label, Steve Angello. He loved the track and he played straight away the week after. He put the track on the spotlight when he performed at Ultra 2014. We were there and it was speechless, one of the highlight of our career so far.

3) Over the past couple months, you have had a string of releases on Spinnin‘ Records with some really unique sounds, ranging from the bouncing beat of ‘Upndown‘ to unique and groovy ’41 Days. What was it like working with Spinnin? What was the inspiration for ’41 Days’?

Spinnin’ Records is the leader of the EDM market; working with them is very satisfying, they take care of everything very carefully from the promotion on social media to all the legal aspects that audience won’t see from the outside. Without them we couldn’t release “Get Get Down”. Behind “41 Days” there was this concept of video clip we had in mind: we saw a meme on the Internet explaining the creative process behind the realization of a track; it’s funny because it’s true, most of the time a producer spend on track is to refine and work on little details that people won’t even notice, so we showed this struggle in a little tutorial posted on our Facebook, in the video we took 41 days to complete the task! Actually it took more time to finish “41 Days” but these are the details.

4) Additionally, you guys have been making some great remixes, your remix of Years & Years’ ‘King’ is one of our favorites; do you have any additional remixes in the works?

2015 for us was about remixes; we made five, ranging from the more happier sounds to the more experimental. It’s a good opportunity to show your skills and to challenge yourself, we are happy with the outcome but for this year we are planning to give less space to remixes and to make more room to original mixes.

5) We couldn’t even digest your previous release ’41 Days’ and in a matter of a week you’ve released another one, this time with Dutch legend Fedde Le Grand. Could you describe to us the production process, what was your collaboration ‘Give Me Some’ is all about, and how was it like to collaborate with one of dance music’s iconic figures?

Fedde is a legend for house music lovers. He’s responsible for introducing us in the world of the funky house. Working with him was a dream come true since he was also the first big name to support “Tundra” in 2013. I wonder how he’s still so active in the studio with the crazy touring he’s facing all the time. We sent him an idea one year ago and we started to send emails, files and stems back and forth till we gave birth to “Give Me Some”. He convinced us to take a step from the “EDM” basses and have a more raw and more organic type of sound.

6) Festival season is around the corner, do you guys have any upcoming tours scheduled? Any Miami plans?

Indeed we are excited to start the festival season kickin’ with Miami Music Week in March. We are attending the Spinnin’ Session and many other shows. We are preparing a tour in Asia first and then in the U.S. We have many festival participation to announce soon.

7) To end this exchange, what is on the table for the fans in 2016 from Merk & Kremont? (in terms of releases, shoot! don’t hesitate, we need some exclusive content to spice this interview)

As promised, we are about to release a couple of melodic tracks in a new style. We took a little step from the groovy progressive house that we produced so far and decided to craft a new Merk & Kremont sound built on Soul vocals. We are going to preserve our roots but to evolve them in a more mature music.

Fusing their own sounds into their new production with Fedde Le Grand, “Give Me Some” presents the funky chord progressions and hard-hitting basslines Merk & Kremont are known for. Alongside Fedde’s signature melodies and some gorgeous vocals, this new collaboration blends several musical elements together into one perfect package. With such high-octane energy, the track will certainly electrify any crowd and make its strides especially during the forthcoming festival season.

“Give Me Some” is out now and you can grab a copy here.