NickyP – Oblivion

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New-York based DJ and producer NickyP has undoubtedly been making his strides within the electronic scene. From rocking the decks at New York City’s clubs to creating high-quality music inside the studio, his talents are undeniable and thus, his career has always been on a constant rise. With well-supported tracks, such as “Utopia”, “Passion”, and “Impulse”, under his repertoire, NickyP has been able to garner many fans as well. Especially with his bootlegs of Fedde Le Grand’s “So Much Love” and Paris & Simo’s “Get Back”, this up-and-coming producer simply does not disappoint.

Following up his highly praised track “Interstellar”, NickyP is back with yet another banger. Titled “Oblivion”, this new release evidently showcases NickyP’s incredible production skills. With its electrifying and towering electro house sounds, the energy is brought out from start to finish. The high-octane drops of this tune are certainly monstrous, which would be suitable in pumping up the crowd at any festival or nightclub. In addition, the bridge between the two drops consists of a beautiful melodic progression, molding the entire track together to perfection.

The track is out now and you can grab a copy here.