Nora En Pure & Redondo – I Got To Do

Nora En Pure has glided seamlessly into the upper class of European house music and its blazing popularity on both club floor and global airwaves. Digging her way from Swiss-based Enormous Tunes records, which is home to other artists such as heavyweight EDX, Croatia Squad or Calippo, Nora En Pure is now a well-known artist who contributes in forming the Spinnin’ Deep kitchen.

As 2016 kicked off, it is geared up to be her most succesful year yet thanks to a massive North American Bus tour and her debut performance at the legendary Coachella later this year. Having recently unveiled the ambient “Morning Dew,” which was selected by Pete Tong as the first Essenatial Tune of the year, Zurich-based Nora is back with a nostalgically tailored collaboration with no one less then fellow player Redondo.

Redondo, on the other hand, bring along an admirable chart success and house aptitude that the Dutch duo has spun throughout the course of 2014 until today. Back at camp Spinnin Deep to follow up their highly successfull “Lost & Found”, the Amstedam pair found with Nora En Pure an excellent counterpart.

A melancholic subtle hints of 80’s pop and summer inspired instrumentation, “I Got To Do” sets a new precedent for the three producers and their ability to match club-proof tendencies with soulful composition. Keeping up the vibe with a bouncy House beat and energetic rhythmic structure, the track features mystical and catchy male vocals, underpinned with Nora’s signature piano chords. Eminent as their most prominent forerun release for the upcoming summer, this full-bodied return to Spinnin Deep is sure to turn some heads for the sunshine hours.

The track is out now and you can grab your copy here.

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