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Our top 20 tracks in celebration of Sander van Doorn’s birthday

When talking about Sander van Doorn, you must be talking about his music, Sander has created his own typical sound and style. Sander is a producer at heart, and started DJ’ing to create exposure for his productions. It’s basically impossible to put appoint one specific genre to his style, his music gets influenced by a very broad spectrum of factors. Sander gets inspired in many different ways and always supports talent with a love for the music as big as his.

As of today, Sander has performed thousands of shows in every corner of the world and released numerous solo records, yet he’s still part of a group of innovative and progressive artists. Sander’s creative process exists of re-inventing musical styles, taking risks in regards to the sound he creates and most importantly staying ahead of the masses.

With two full-length albums, numerous hit-singles, remixes of the worlds biggest artists, sold out gigs in all major venues and festivals worldwide, his own successful record label Doorn Records, and a weekly radio show named Identity, Sander van Doorn continues his musical journey into the heart of fans around the world.

1. Riff

2. Wamdue Project – King of my Castle (Sander van Doorn Remix)

3. SvD pres. Purple Haze – Bliksem

4. SvD pres. Purple Haze – Hymn 2.0

5. Reach Out

6. Koko

7. Eagles w/ Adrian Lux

8. Drink To Get Drunk

9. Ten w/ Mark Knight v Underworld

10. Right Here Right Now (Neon)

11. Into The Light w/ Dubvision vs. MAKO feat. Mariana Bell

12. Kangaroo w/ Julian Jordan

13. Gold Skies w/ Martin Garrix & DVBBS (ft. Aleesia)

14. THIS w/ Oliver Heldens

15. Cuba Libre

16. Intro (XX Booty Mix)

17. Chasin

18. Love Is Darkness

19. Filterfunk – S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle) (Sander Van Doorn Remix)

20. Joeynergizer

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Student of business university in relationship with music scene since early 2000s aka Sensation era. Digital djing nerd & developer.

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