Roc Dubloc turns “Bang My Head” into a club banger

Roc Dubloc is probably better known/5th of Israeli super-group NEXU. Coming off the back of their mighty 139-track mix at the end of 2015. Formally named Itay Itshaki, he received his debut performance alongside none other than Tom Staar at We Rave You Sessions last year.

Taking on David Guetta’s most recent mainstream hit, “Bang My Head”, featuring Fetty Wap and Sia, Roc Dubloc quickly transforms it from a radio-friendly basis, to a club scene foundation. Removing the majority of the vocals, he still maintains the primary hook to keep the template of the track. With a teasing development, the rise of tempo and accumulation of layers come with due diligence. Dropping in a surging and pulsating progression, the rapid, deep melody adds real flavour and flare to the remixes identity and character.

With a vocally-led bridge, Roc Dubloc forms a fully-fledged remix worthy of fine accolade. Now preparing for the upcoming ‘rave season’, he’s been hard at work at creating new material for his future sets, mixes and performances. Going late into the night, the emerging Israeli talent is certainly one we’ll be keeping an eye on!

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