Shoden – Thunderdome

Last year, Italian producers David Mari, Roberto Palombari, and Federico Gasparrini began creating music together as the group Shoden. As their first ever single, the upcoming trio released “Tengu”, which successfully entered as Istmo Music’s #4 track at one point. Shoden have also released their second single titled “Ziqqurat”, which became heavily supported by the likes of HIIO, Simon de Jano, and Vigel. Months after their last track, Shoden have now returned with an electrifying progressive house tune “Thunderdome”.

With its heart-pumping bassline pounding right from the get-go, this track certainly sounds ready to bring the heat at any festival in the near future. After a short buildup, the flurry of hard-hitting progressive sounds begins and delivers an insurmountable amount of power. A melodic breakdown then transitions the drop to the other, providing even more energy especially from its striking vocals. Altogether, hold on to your seats and get ready for a thrilling roller coaster ride while listening to this thunderous track from Shoden.

The track is available now for a free download on Shoden’s Soundcloud page.