Souncloud releases Soundcloud Pulse for artists on iOS

With the various copyright infringement rants and GUI complaints that surface on the net every now and then, Soundcloud remains strong and the sole mainstream output channel for artists and labels across the musical sphere be it Indie artists uploading their tracks or potential EDM stars previewing their very first singles. And in the midst of all this, Soundcloud brings to Apple’s iOS it’s Soundcloud Pulse app which was, in a stunning move from the market’s perspective, released primarily on Android in November as we had reported last year. But the wait is over for iOS users as the streaming platform released the application for the Apple OS yesterday.



The application acts as a interface for artists and users to interact and manager their account and the activity on the same. The iOS application ups the Android version as it gives artists space to block users and delete comments. Other than those two upgrades, the application does pretty much the same stuff on iOS. With this upgrade and expansion, the Germany based streaming service looks to appease it’s customers on the Apple platform but the real issues of unwarranted copyright warnings and account deletions are yet to be addressed by it as they remains one of the prime causes of all the stick that the web service gets.

The application is available for iOS users here through Apple’s official website


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