SulaFest: 5 Reasons to go this weekend

SulaFest is entering its 9th consecutive edition for a reason. Well several in fact, but we’ve managed to squeeze it down to just 5 so you can spend more time planning your trip there, rather than reading about what you’re going to experience. Check out the list below!

1. The Concept: Set in the aesthetic Sula Vineyards open-air amphitheater, the borderless range of offerings extends to reflect all corners of the globe. With an emphasis on a complete, indulgent, experience, the richness of
your fond memories will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Truly one of a kind in its appeal and principle, it should come as no surprise its affordability has resulted in a 12,000 sell-out for 4 years in a row.

2. The Music: SulaFest’s distinctive appeal is led by its provision of 25 musical genres, representing 23 nations. This diversity and variety creates a blend of tastes unseen anywhere else over a weekend, and results in a worldy mix. With the likes of India, Australia, UK, Spain, Canada, France, Israel, Russia and many more nationalities represented, genres such as Celtic, Rock, Reggae, Electro, Deep House, Jazz, Latin, Blues and several more are in abundance across the two stages – The Main Stage and the ‘Atamasphere Stage’ (The customised EDM stage)

3. The Drink: Indulgence of senses and experience is central to SulaFest. Which is why the organisers have gone to great length to provide a wide variety of flavours and types of beverage from the food areas and the enhanced Tasting Room, adjacent to the Tasting Cellar. Paring up renowned wine names thanks to its iconic vineyard location, it also offers the likes of Asahi and an impressive and wide selection of spirits.

4. The Food: Providing gourmet-standard offerings, the selection of food provides the international flare quality standard set throughout the concept. Brought to you by The Bombay Food Truck, Olive Bar & Kitchen, Social, Woodside Inn and more known culinary names, you can arrive knowing you will be well fed. Not just well fed, but also with the knowledge your taste buds will have themselves and experience to remember also. And it’s location near to the Tent City is no coincidence either…planned for convenience in fact.

5. The atmosphere: There’s few places in the world that can lay claim to being a ‘World Music Festival’ with character, heart and soul. As the above points prove, this isn’t just about the music, nor about providing everything that comes to mind. SulaFest balances luxury with the realities of a festival, keeping indulgence in check with a broad sensory experience. Resulting in something one would imagine is nearer heaven than the day-to-day reality.

And with Early Bird tickets starting at just ,1850 INR, and the chance to get your hands on Pre-Event, Box Office and VIP access, you’re already wasting time! But don’t take it all from us, check out the After movie below to fulfill your desire to go, and entice you to enjoy SulaFest 2016 this weekend! Join the fun today!

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