SulaFest is rightfully one of the best ‘World Music Festivals’

SulaFest can lay claim to being one of the worlds true ‘World Music Festivals’. Returning for its 9th edition this weekend on February 6th & 7th, its also no fluke that the festival has sold out for 4 years in a row. Fusing music, wine, food and fashion at the breathtaking Sula Vineyards open-air amphitheater, it is also suitably renowned as the Gourmet World Music Festival. Brought to you this year with the promise of being the biggest and most lavish experience to date, it’s hard to deny the desire to go is already strong.

Bringing together over 100 local and international artists to Nashik, India, is no small feat, but its the diversity and variety that really seal the deal when it comes to SulaFest. Located to the North-East of Mumbai, the festival is set to provide over 25 musical genres, representing 23 nations to tens of thousands of attendees, attendee’s that are fueled by over 30 gourmet food and beverage options. In turn reflecting the grandeur of the event and the overall level of detail applied to its preparation and planning.

The concept itself aims to tailor personalized memories, one to cherish for a life time. Starting at 12.30pm, the Greek-style amphitheater creates the perfect location for the ‘World Music Festival’. Combining popular musical figures from within and far beyond India’s borders, the caliber and mix of artists in the line-ups does impress to say the least. Celebrated for their talents, the performers are set to take on two stages – The Main Stage, and the Atmasphere Stage.

The SulaFest Main Stage caters for the wide variety of international sounds on offer, ranging from Latin, to Reggae, to Pop, to Blues. It truly does reflect the sounds and voices of many cultures and societies. And judging by the full list below, it’s impossible to deny:

THE CAT EMPIRE (Australia | Ska, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Latin)
KAILASA (India | Indian, Fusion, Sufi)
BALKAN BEAT BOX (Israel | Balkan, Gypsy, Electronic)
DUB INC (France | Dub, Reggae)
SUCCESS (France |Electro-Rock)
DELHI2DUBLIN (Canada & India |Dhol, Celtic, Fusion, Pop)
REGGAE RAJAHS (India| Reggae, Dancehall)
MADBOY/MINK (India | Electro-Swing, Funk, Pop)
TRIBAL FLORA (India | Psychedelic, Percussion, World)
RODNEY BRANIGAN (UK |Rock n’ Roll, Blues, Country)
AQUA DOMINATRIX (India | Dark Pop, Dream).


Which brings us to the customised ‘Atmasphere Stage’. Catering for the booming following of electronic dance music as a whole in India, festival organizers have brought in significant cavalierly to deliver on high expectations. Headlined by a songwriter, producer, reminder, DJ, label owner and chart-topper, the intent to deliver a quality array of sub-genres reflects the festival encompassing experience. As seen in the list below, the multi-cultural flavour of SulaFest is present throughout.

RIK WATTS (Netherlands)
O-BE (Ibiza)

Rightfully bringing a state-of-art L’Acoustics K1 PA audio system, the auditory-visual experience will be world-class. And with the conscious decision to have a number of headliners, as opposed to one, the in-tune balance principle of the festival is ensured throughout.

And while connecting through the medium of music is central to SulaFest, it’s not the only thing on offer. Far from it. With food, fashion, art and wine all celebrated during the event, the SulaFest Bazaar brings with it some impressive, and surprising items for sale, including foot massages, tarot readings and grape stomping to name a few. And with the rich wine experience enhanced by the improved Tasting Room and Tasing Cellar, you can also rest assured the list of other beverages on offer below will ensure no one goes thirsty!

Asahi Super Dry Beer
Grant’s Family Reserve Whiskey
Jack Daniel’s Bourbon,
and Stolichnaya Vodka

Not to be out done, the selection of food provides the international flare and pursuit of quality also. Brought to you by Social, The Bombay Food Truck, Olive Bar & Kitchen, Woodside Inn and many more, you can rest assured that the extended and improved Tent City is not to far away from world class food and drink.

And with Early Bird tickets starting at just ,1850 INR, and the chance to get your hands on Pre-Event, Box Office and VIP access, you’re already wasting time! But don’t take it all from us, check out the Aftermovie below to fulfill your desire to go, and entice you to enjoy SulaFest 2016 this weekend! Join the fun today!

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