Vicetone feat. Cosmos & Creature – Bright Side

Dutch duo Vicetone have been on a fantastic role recently, and with successful releases such as ‘Pitch Black’, ‘Nothing Stopping Me’ and ‘I’m On Fire’ all coming in 2015, they are looking to continue this roll of new releases with their first original of the new year. The track, entitled ‘Bright Side’, features vocals from Cosmos & Creature, and has a much slower tempo than some of Vicetone’s previous releases.

The track begins with a some soft piano chords combining with the male vocals, before the introduction of the violin leads come in during the lighthearted yet uplifting drop. This is a track that is certainly not destined to cause mayhem on dance floors at festivals, but rather to make for some easy listening in a more relaxed environment , such as a chilled summer pool party. ‘Bright Side’ is a breath of fresh air that combines electronic synths with acoustic instruments, and Vicetone have once again shown us that mainstream progressive house does not have to be generic and cliché.

‘Bright Side’ will be available for purchase this Friday, but for now be sure to stream the official preview below.