WATCH: Avicii talks about how he entered the music industry in old interview

We found this brilliant gem to share with you guys. Tim Berg aka, Avicii talks about his rise to early years in the music industry in an almost nostalgic interview. A teenage Tim talks about how he started producing with FL Studio 2-3 prior to the interview; beginning with bootlegs, he slowly worked his way up the big leagues.

Avicii also talked about he got his exposure too and how his managemer found.

“I just started leaking stuff on blogs basically”, “It’s hard to get attention from labels when you’re unknown, you know?” Tim adds.

“So I just kept leaking stuff and I got found by manager. He hooked me up with – doing remixes and stuff like that; and it just moved up from there…”

The 26 year old also spoke about his music style and how he mixes on stage.

“I try to go different styles; I try to go – not just play minimal, not just tech; I try to play everything.” “I personally feel it can be so boring with certain sets where DJs play long tracks (of the same genre)” he adds.

The young Avicii went on to talk about he uses CDs to play his sets. Oh, how times have changed.

In case you’re wondering, the track playing in the background is a classic Tim Berg tune from the past. Check it out below.