Watermät – Empire

Watermät entered the industry relatively unknown, but managed to catapult himself into the spotlights of modern house music and become one of Spinnin’ Deep’s most illustrious artists. His Sparks EP certainly wasn’t a sensational breakout moment, but some five months later the anonymous tunesmith found a spin on the buzz surrounding modern sounds and tones that had artists and fans sharpened their ears. Garnering the honors of the whole dance industry, his breakthrough hit “Bullit” was added to Spinnin Deep’s  vision of the modern house circuit in 2014.

Nowadays, the big room market may not be pulling any surprise turns right now, but the same cannot be said of its calmer sensible cousin. Adding to this refined focus is the pending release of Watermät’s newest single “Empire”. Heroic like the titles name, “Empire” offers a eclectic mix of majestic synths and horns over Deep House styled drums. But what would prevail as a Watermät hit if there was no signature horn, giving the track a finishing touch. During the breakdown, a chopped vocal sample is introduced, adding a twist of retro sound to an otherwise modern atmosphere. The result is a mellow, yet crunchy track that’s pleasing to the ears and perfect for a summertime drive. Like his forerunner, Watermät’s newsest single will be released on Spinnin’ Deep on March 7th!

Comprised of music and sarcasm. Based in Amsterdam

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