Alison Wonderland – Run (Arigato X Mad & Wild Remix)

Alison Wonderland is one of Australia’s biggest DJ’s, and one of the most prominent female DJ’s internationally. Now with a globe-trotting schedule, she’s attracted a cult-like following, both in fans and remixes.

Arigato teamed up with Mad & Wild for the latest remix of her dominant single “Run”. Renowned for her extroverted sound design, the new comers to the scene have certainly given the original a run for their money. While very little is known about Arigato or Mad & Wild, if their portfolio’s of music continue in this form, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be hearing of them more frequently in the future.

Transcending in effect, the remix brings with it volume and bass. Evolving synths and delicately incorporated layers provide the track with a more emotive atmosphere. It’s styling uses greater depth to bring Alison Wonderland’s vocals into a position of more status. With the potent lyrics ever-present, the clever use of FX adds firepower to the tracks impact. Fusing Pop and electro with a major injection’s of trap. Arigato and Max & Wild have managed to maintain Alison Wonderland’s original tone, while simultaneously inserted more bass and energy.

Also acting as a debut track for Mad & Wild, the remix implies a great wealth of talent is to come from the two artists. And with its festival-friendly feel and club dance floor vibes, we wouldn’t be surprised is Alison Wonderland herself features it in her upcoming set’s.

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