Ahzee & Faydee – Burn It Down

Hailing from his hometown of New York, Ahzee has set himself up quite well in the dance music scene with his signature #Ahzeedrop that fans around the world have come to know and love. Ahzee is well known for his previous hits ‘Born Again’ and ‘Kings’ which have racked up millions of streams in a matter of months. The New Yorker’s latest tune has him dabble into the world of woodwind instruments as he collaborates with the reknowned Australian vocalist, Faydee.

The response to his latest track, ‘Burn It Down’ has not been anything short of spectacular. Already working it’s way up through the dance charts with its infectious sound, Burn It Down is a party starter in its own right. Ahzee also has plans for a music video which will further cement this track as his 2016 club weapon. Faydee’s vocals soothe listeners through the verses and Azhee does the rest with an addictive chorus filled with a simple yet catchy melody, engulfed by a¬†Mediterranean vibe designed to freshen up the dancefloor.

Burn It Down is out now! Make sure to check out the track below and grab your extended copy here.