Aly & Fila will replace Paul van Dyk at Space Club during Miami Music Week

As reported few weeks ago, trance legend Paul van Dyk fell off the Stage at ASOT 750 in Utrecht. Luckily he is expected to make a full recovery. Understandably, his upcoming shows in march have all been canceled. But this concers unambiguously Miami Music Week as well as the Ultra Music Festival. While his attendance at the renowned Music Week became a priciple over the past years, the assembling music industry will have to forgo without him this year. To compensate his absence, Markus Schulz stepped in for Paul van Dyk during EDC in Mexico City two weeks ago and revered the German star- DJ with thousands of party-goers.

In terms of Miami Music Week, Paul van Dyk was set to perform at Space Club in Downtown Miami on March 19. Since his set had to be cancelled as well, Space Club had to reschedule some alternative. Presenting Aly & Fila as his replacement, Space managed to put things on the right track and keep the excitement at a high level. Next to Aly & Fila, Ben Nicky, Alex M.O.R.P.H., and Kyau & Albert, who all collaborated with Paul van Dyk on his latest Album “The Politics Of Dancing 3”, will find themselves as well performing at Space.

Space released an official statement saying:

Due to Paul van Dyk’s recent accident, he is unable to perform at Club Space for Miami Music Week on the 19th of March. We at Club Space wish him a speedy and healthy recovery and we certainly cannot wait to have him back for you. We have scheduled Paul’s Politics of Dancing 3 collaborators, Aly & Fila, along with Ben Nicky, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Kyau & Albert to perform their Miami Music Week showcase at Club Space. All tickets for the Paul van Dyk event will be honored for entry on that evening.

Eventhough Paul van Dyk will leave a big hole in the hearts of many trance fans, during Miami Music week there will still be no shortage.

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