Apple Music announce streaming service to rival Soundcloud

After the various different issues with Soundcloud’s copyright laws over the past number of years, with multiple artists having their own tracks taken down via SC’s ruthless takedown mechanism, finally there is a service coming which may resolve these issues.

Apple Music is really trying to assert themselves as one of the heavy hitters in terms of music streaming, with their numerous lucrative radio residencies as part of their Beats One station to the massive news today that the have struck a deal with Dubset, a digital content distributor which will allow users to upload unlicensed mixes, bootlegs and remixes with out having to worry about copyright takedowns as the artists responsible for the original will receive royalties. The service works quite simply- a user uploads their song or mix and Dubset will scan the content for any unlicensed material, if found and accepted the content will available for streaming on Apple Music and the respective artists will receive their royalties. If this service works as intended it could be a win-win situation for all involved and has the potential to change how we stream music in the future.