Avicii reveals new music for 2016 at Ultra

Avicii is a titanic name in the dance music industry. With his company turning over more than $72 million in revenue last year alone, fans rightfully have come into 2016 with high expectations.

Following the success of his album ‘Stories’, Avicii stormed onto the radio airwaves once again even though, due to illness, he dropped out of many appearances in the back end of the year. Which in turn only added expectation and attention as to what his latest round of studio work would create. And it is fair to say his performance at Ultra Music Festival Miami last weekend did garner an impressive status of creativity and intent.

Featuring a number of new tracks, 7 we counted, in his full set, the 35 minutes that managed to feature on Twitch’s live stream did suffice. Opening with two of his collaborations alongside little-known Sandro Cavazza in the opening 3 songs, the distinctive, addictive and proven Avicii-sound is at the forefront. Separated by his iconic “I Could Be The One” alongside Nicky Romero, the Swede hit the Main Stage in full flight.

Continuing on to feature 2 other collaborations along Sandro, Avicii doesn’t hold back on reflecting his favoured vocalist in the present time. Customary fan favourite “Levels” also made a resounding appearance in the opening half of his set, igniting the crowd before his rumoured tracks with Simon Aldred and Noonie Bao are played. With the audio finishing on the first non-Avicii track, “Lyon” by Klahr, the production rate of the PRMD label-leader is astounding in volume given the number of ID’s.

Enjoy the first half the set below, along with his latest episode of his behind-the-scenes studio stream.


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