Avicii ticket demand surges over 150% in 24 hours

Having only been a little over 48 hours since Avicii shocked the music world, the ripple effects and ramifications are already being felt. Following the announcement the Swedish titan was to cease all touring and performances at the end of 2016, the influence and popularity he has in the dance music scene is more than evident.

Self-acclaimed at the ‘The world’s largest source of live even tickets’, Viagogo has already reports a 151% surge in demand for Avicii tickets, with festivals he is set to headline later this year such as Creamfields seeing a 87% increase in searches overnight.

His final touring locations and performances are lined up to be at “Ibiza, Japan, Poland, Israel, Sweden and Dubai, as well as a stints at Lisbon’s Rock in Rio, Electric Daisy Carnival UK, Ultra Korea, Weekend Festival Baltic and (ofcourse) Creamfields.”

A Viagogo spokesperson followed the announcement of the dramatic figures with the statement:

“Avicii has become a world-renowned DJ, carving himself as a major player in the industry, not just in the UK but across the globe. As a result he has a huge and loyal fanbase who are desperate to see him in what could be his ever last tour.”

It is not uncommon for announcements of retirement from an industry to send ticket prices and demand upwards – with the announcement of Kobe Bryant’s retirement tripling tickets prices for his final game afterwards – however Avicii holds a unique place in EDM. Situated between the club scene and festival stages earlier on, his career evolved towards a stance of genre-fusion and cross-over creativity, prompting his mass appeal to be broader than most DJ’s have ever achieved.

While there are past examples of DJ/Producers calling it quits on their active touring careers, only to come back, such as Pendulum and Wolfgang Gartner, you get the impression the personal reasoning for Avicii this time around makes that possibility unlikely to say the least. In turn making it inevitable that fans will be grasping the opportunity with a sense of occasion, with 2016 now becoming their final chance to see a legend and to say goodbye.

Check out the remaining tickets for his future performances here!


H/T: YourEDM

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