Blasterjaxx discusses collaboration with Breathe Carolina and the MAXXIMIZE Concept in Exclusive Interview

Fresh off their energetic set on the Ultra Music Festival Main Stage, the Blasterjaxx duo has teamed up with Breathe Carolina to create their next hit, ‘Soldier.’  As you can see in our interview with them below, you can tell they are extremely excited about the track.

Being released on their own MAXXIMIZE Records, ‘Soldier’ seems to follow a bit of a different path than the previous Blasterjaxx hits.  As Thom mentions in the interview, the track has a bit more of a Progressive House vibe with some melodic builds and soothing vocals.  When the drop comes around, you can hear the familiar Blasterjaxx sound as the track turns up the heat and tempo.  The collaboration between Blasterjaxx and Breathe Carolina wonderfully combines the high energy sound we have come to love from the groups, but also offers a refreshing new build up to the peak of the record.

Blasterjaxx and Breathe Carolina’s ‘Solider’ is available today, March 28th.


In addition to discussing their latest record, we were able to talk with Blasterjaxx about their Miami Music Week and the MAXXIMIZE concept/label.  As you may have noticed in their set, the Dutch producers have a lot of music up their sleeves and we cannot wait to hear the final products.  Check out our interview with Blasterjaxx below:


We Rave You: So this is Andy with We Rave You. I’m here with Blasterjaxx, who just got off the main stage here at Ultra.  How was it?

Blasterjaxx: Hot!  No, other than that, it was crazy!  It was so good.  There were so much more people than I expected. The vibe was just, you know, better than all the years before.  Yeah, I’m really happy about this.


WRY: How has Miami Music Week been for you so far?  Obviously, you guys had the event last night.  How’d that go?  

Blasterjaxx: Yesterday, we had our own event, MAXXIMIZE, the very first pool party we did here in Miami, and that was crazy.  We had like, people coming over like Hardwell, Bassjackers, and Danny Avila jumped in next to the lineup we already had.  We had Yves V, Breathe Carolina, Jewelz & Sparks, Firebeatz. It was just one mad party.  It was all crazy.  Other than that, the rest of the week was busy.  Press all day, preparing for my set, a lot going on.  


WRY: So when we kind of left off last, we were going to make it up to that New York City event. How did that end up going? Obviously, it was in a ridiculous venue, the Hammerstein Ballroom. How did it go?  

Blasterjaxx: Oh it was so good. Like, the production was done so well.  You know, from my point if you, like on the stage, it’s different.  It’s different view obviously and then for the crowd.  So I saw the pictures and the videos afterwards and I was like ‘S#@! this is nice.’ The production was so good and so on point.  We’re so grateful to have worked with those guys. The lineup was great, even though it was freezing.  It was -20°C; it was the coldest day in New York since 1942 or something, and it was still packed.  We played along like, Tiesto was playing at another venue and Eric Prydz was playing at another venue, but still it was great.  I’m happy with all the people showing up.  


WRY: So can you talk about the MAXXIMIZE concept? Obviously, it started off as a radio show.  Now, you are branching to your own label.  Also, you’ve got these go to concerts series going on as well.  Can you talk about that and sort of your goals going forward?  

Blasterjaxx: Well, we started the radio show, I think, one and a half years ago because, you know, we felt it would be cool to have the radio show, it’s part of the profile.  So what happened, we received so many demos and so many cool tracks by artists we never heard of before, or by artists that didn’t get signed to the big, major labels.  We were like, ‘It’s a shame because we play this tracks and they are good and they’re fresh.’  That’s what is most important, you have to bring the music to the next level every time.  You don’t want to be stuck too much in the in the same sound.  So we began talking about how good a label would be for us, especially, since we would have a platform to bring all those people more to the surface and more to the spotlight of the scene.  Then, we had like some negotiation with Spinnin’ Records and they were down for it, so that’s great.  We have like the biggest dance music label basically behind us you know.  We’re working together with them and that’s that’s great.  So far I’m really, really happy with all the releases going out.


WRY: Speaking of releases, you’ve got a song coming out later this month with Breathe Carolina.  Can we expect some more collaborations like that coming up?

Blasterjaxx:  Absolutely. I think for us, it is was one of the very first tracks we did as a Progressive track. We are very well known for our banging beats, the big room stuff.  This is a little more progressive and we definitely have more tracks like that’s coming up. Stay tuned.  


WRY: Why did you decide to sort of make the shift towards a little bit of a Progressive House sort of style as opposed to your ‘bangin’’ beats.  

Blasterjaxx: I think it’s just coincidence and it just happened.  We never bound ourselves to one similar style, one similar vein or something.  We just make whatever we feel is good and Breathe Carolina contacted us and asked ‘Is it possible to do a the collaboration you guys?’ I responded, ‘if you’ve got something laying down, just shoot it over.  We might figure something out.’  That’s what they did and then we came up with a drop.  It’s a little less Blasterjaxx but it’s still really nice.  I think so far people are loving it.  I noticed in the live shows as well the track goes off.  


WRY: Just one more question about the label.  Do you realize or have any issues balancing your own sort of side of things and then the label as well? Have you found that perfect balance between the two?  Have you noticed any issues in sort of developing it?

Blasterjaxx: To be honest I haven’t noticed any issues yet, so it’s going very well.  

WRY: That’s perfect.  


WRY: So you talked about some records that you’ve received personally.  Are there any that have been jumping out in your sets, whether it’s on the label or anything like that which has been popping off in your sets?

Blasterjaxx: Well for today we played 14 new tracks by ourselves and four or five new tracks coming up on the label.  I think every track had a good response.  To be honest, I just came off the stage, I didn’t really think about how great each track.  All I can say is all the stuff coming out on the label will be really nice or really fresh.  


WRY: So what’s your plans for the rest of the weekend?  Are you just here now as fan kind of watching over?

Blasterjaxx: Just as a fan…  Yeah well, I’m still a fan of course.  I think for tonight, I will stay at my hotel just chill a little bit.  Tomorrow, get some more press and some interviews and some pool parties here and there.  The rest of days, I’m just going to chill and enjoy the Miami weather.  

WRY: It’s a little a little warm and also.  

Blasterjaxx: It ss a little warmer, but that’s nice. I like that.


WRY: So can we when can we respect expect some new tracks out?

Blasterjaxx: The 28th of March. Our new track with Breathe Carolina, ‘Soldier’ will come out.  That’s my records obviously, so be prepared.


WRY: Well thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us we really appreciate it.  Good luck in your future endeavors.  

Blasterjaxx: Thank you so much for having me.