Cosmic Gate – am2pm

After the end of last year’s success for the incredibly talented Cosmic Gate, many fans and critics were wondering how they could continue their momentum into 2016. After their monumental track “Yai (Here We Go Again)” featuring beautifully sung lyrics from JES, many people thought Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems (Cosmic Gate) would be worn out from producing for a bit of time. However, the German duo has outdone themselves in their latest track, “am2pm“.

Many original fans of Cosmic Gate will be able to see their return with “am2pm”, which comes from a homecoming with original trance songs. The backbone of the song features minimalist and easygoing harmonic elements from the first songs they performed as a duo. However, the track comes together with more modern trance elements and brings a very energized and raw emotional feel to it.

The opening verse of the song is simple, melodic, and sweet. It brings us in almost instantly, and has a very relaxing tone to it. What swept us away in the song was the relative ease at which different elements were added and taken away throughout the different parts of the song. It has so many features, yet feels as if nothing was truly being taken or added at all. The climb adds some heavier electronic elements and synths to it and brings a vibrant, yet jagged, energy to the flow of the tune. The bridge is excellent and is a swooning version of all of the elements brought into the song, all at once. This energy is slowly let down again, into the coda of the piece, which eases the listener out of the song.

“am2pm” was an excellent fusion of classic trance elements, with a more modernized electric feel. Cosmic Gate was able to create a gorgeous piece with this tune, and know that their momentum will only continue as 2016 treads onward.

“am2pm” is now available for stream on Spotify, and will be released for purchasing on March 11th through WYM Records (Black Hole Recordings).

Phil is a senior Accounting student at Ohio State University, who seeks to share his passion for Electronic Dance Music and its culture all across the globe, one person at a time.

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