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Deadmau5 delivers yet another satisfying 9 minutes

Deadmau5 has undoubtedly started putting more energy into musical production than social media controversy. While his recent exchange with Kanye West did make headlines, his result’s from the studio are taking the limelight and attention. And for good reason.

While yet to release his debut track through Kobalt, which also features Skrille and Max Martin on its roster, Joel’s time on tour with Mau5hax, in its custom tour-bus studio and at home in his musical paradise, is certainly paying due diligence. It’s nearly on a weekly basis his SoundCloud account is active, a good sign for him and even more so for his fan’s.

Titled “4ware 01” and 9 minute’s in length, the track molds into the long format of progressive house. Instrumentally bound, the track is reminiscent of his momentous days. Back to a time where Deadmau5′ name was purely indulged in praise and  his work was forth-coming and genre-leading. Arguably his most promising material this year, the track already has 40,000 plays in under 12 hours.

A lighter tone in comparison to his other recent works, the latest 9 minute creation fuses softer atmosphere’s with calmer surroundings. Like that of “Strobe” dare we say it, “4ware” has a tendency to remove you from reality and heighten your satisfaction. Oozing with melodic layers and evolving chords, the soothing nature is refreshing and fitting. Fitting for his new outlook on life and updated drive and passion for music once more. And we can’t be more thankful the Deadmau5 persona is alive and well.

Check out the full clip below and let us know your thoughts!

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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