Deadmau5 fuses in drum and bass style in potential upcoming track

Deadmau5 has been regarded for his many surprises especially with the different tracks he has been uploading on Soundcloud for the past few months. Following the numerous tracks that he has recently put out, namely “saved” and “gg”, the Canadian producer and DJ then reveals a short, 11-second snippet of what is potentially an upcoming release of his. Not much information is provided at the moment; however, it can be speculated that the teaser is from a track that will take part in his upcoming studio album.

Known for his signature progressive house sounds, deadmau5 switches gears for this track that consists of drum and bass. Though, it is not shocking to see this change of styles after his live performance with Australian D&B band Pendulum during this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Drum and bass could be a genre deadmau5 is interested in experimenting his production skills on and from the initial sounds of the track, it seems to be working just fine for him.