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Deadmau5 teases even more new material with ‘Rio’

Deadmau5 was making headlines last weekend for all the right reasons. And following up from the impressive showcasing of longevity, stamina and new material comes the latest teaser of his time away in the production studio.

Having performed across all 3 days at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, his ever-active SoundCloud account was once again delivering unexpected notifications. Prolific in its material, his latest upload is a 97 second preview of “Rio”, a track that etches out echoes of his progressive house past and its own esteemed masterpieces.

Featuring his adored chord progressions, the finely tuned and diamond-mastered preview continues growing in size and atmosphere with looped synths that acts as a subtle tempo to the evolving magic. Teasing a grander scale of melody and layering before it fades away, ears are left wanting more, as with every good production.

With¬†25,000 plays in just 14 hours, the quantity of output from Joel has been mighty impressive lately. Especially given the caliber of quality it has entailed as well. With “Rio” only adding to our predictions, hopes and dreams for what Deadmau5 may deliver for the rest of 2016, it has undoubtedly been an impressive first quarter to the year for the masked DJ/Producer.

Check out the clip in all its glory below!

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