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Diplo talks groundbreaking Cuba show with Charlie Rose

Cuba and United States have not always had the best political relationship, but in light of a recent performance by Major Lazer, could it start a new page in the history books? 400,000 Cuban fans gathered around the newly established United States Embassy to witness the first ever American Dance Music act to perform in Cuba.

“President Obama will make history later this month when he travels to Cuba. Days later, the Rolling Stones will be there. But Diplo started the party early, and what a party it was,” said Charlie Rose in his recent interview with Diplo.

Being the first American act to perform in Cuba, Diplo has expressed the pressure he felt before the show. Diplo also went on to talk about his hunger to create fresh new music and the gravity of this performance. He is bringing the music of this generation to the young Cubans, or as Diplo has said, “This wasn’t the music of their parents — it was theirs.”

Major Lazer has successfully brought the revolutionary sound to Cuba. As Charlie Rose has expressed in the interview, “there is a sense that somehow this is an important time for these young Cubans for them to feel connected to the world, not isolated.” What better way to connect with the most up-to-date world than bringing the trend-setters to Cuba?

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