Don Diablo reveals several unreleased tracks during his live set at Ultra Miami

Fans at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami had the opportunity to watch Don Diablo’s astounding one-hour set. Performing on the packed Worldwide Stage, the Dutch superstar undoubtedly delivered one of the best sets during the festival. From start to finish, Don Diablo played many of his best tracks such as his classic “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)” and his latest releases like “Tonight” and “Got the Love”.

Throughout his set, Don Diablo captivated the audience with a mix of past hits to unreleased tracks. Considering he was at one of the year’s biggest spectacles, the longstanding DJ and producer took advantage of the opportunity and crowd-tested some of his upcoming releases as well as those from others.

Around the 15-minute and the 31-minute marks, Don Diablo played two of his own tracks that are yet to be released, and his edit of Corderoy’s “Close My Eyes” around the 51-minute mark. In addition, Don Diablo unveiled a future single on his label, Hexagon Records, which is a track from Madison Mars titled “Ready or Not”, as well as an upcoming Oliver Heldens track when Heldens entered the stage with him. Overall, what an incredible performance from one of house music’s biggest artists and you can relive it through his recorded set below: