Dyro celebrates 100th episode of WOLV radio with star-studded track-list and previews

Ever since the launch of his WOLV Records, there has been nothing to hinder the growth of Dyro as an artist, as a curator and his label seems to be a landmark for continually evolving music in a scene where a large majority of the artists are looking for innovation. And a large part of this run has been the WOLV Radio that was the changeover from Daftastic Radio, after the latter’s 72nd episode, as part of the makeover of the whole Dyro brand. Attractive sounds and music that always takes you by surprise, the largely bass-driven sound of the WOLV camp sees little competition in the mainstream sphere.

And it was all joy as the Radio show celebrated it’s 100th episode, for which Dyro as host invited the likes of Row Rocka, D.O.D, Naten and Goja to ply their trade on the show as they showcase their present tastes to the label faithful.

The compilation sees Dyro give an exclusive world premieres to upcoming releases on the label involving the likes of Roostz, SCRVP, Dion Timmer, NGHTMRE, Boombox Cartel among others. The next part of this WOLV special was taken over in turns by the Row Rocka and his fellow invitees, all doing their best to provide the widest range of music and tastes while keeping in the sphere of the kind of music that the label has become renowned for, even though they don’t themselves put a label on it. And that very fact, we believe, is what furthers the already fast-paced growth of WOLV not as mere label but as a community. So for lots of good music and celebration click below and enjoy 2 hours of special episode of ‘Daftastic’ music!

Full-tracklist is available here, compiled by the folks over at 1001tracklists!

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