Dyro compiles firey Insomniac Exclusive Mix

Dyro kick-started 2016 not only by continuing the rapid expansion of his reputed WOLV label and adding new and refreshing talent’s to its roster, but he also released an EP titled “Set Me Free”. An EP that caused quite a stir with his loyal fan base and continued his streak of creative performance

His preference for combining the metallic edge, driving rhythms and the nuances of a darker influence, have made him a favourite for the most prestigious clubs, festivals and parties around the the globe. So it comes as no surprise that he featured as the elected choice for the most recent Insomniac Events Exclusive Mix series. Designed for the dancfloor destruction at any venue, Dyro’s set is all about constant heavy drops, shattering sounds and a stimulating atmosphere – and it’s utterly irresistible.

The epic performance delivers over 45 minutes of unparalleled energy, elegant transitions between tracks, and an eclectic collection of tracks. Sourcing from his own artillery of material and WOLV’s ever-enhancing portfolio astute listeners are in for a treat. In addition to this all, the mix includes club-geared cuts from the likes of Bassjackers, MUST DIE!, Torro Torro, Tchami, Skrillex and many more. Yet another achievement on Dyro’s esteemed career to date, the Insomniac Events Mix provides great momentum going into the upcoming festival season.

Check out the mix below on Mixcloud and see the full tracklist here!

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