Headhunterz ft. Mike Taylor – Lift Me Up

Dutch producer Headhunterz is regarded as one of the biggest names associated with Hardstyle. Over the past few years, however, he has slowly been drifting away from the genre. Especially with his upcoming release, Hardstyle fans may be in disarray as Headhunterz shifts gears, this time, toward the sounds of future bass. Consisting of a slower tempo, this track titled “Lift Me Up” is something we would not expect from the Dutchman but the high-quality production that we do expect is still undeniably met.

Featuring singer Mike Taylor, the track catches our attention with its astounding vocals alongside the striking chord progressions. The impeccable combination of instrumentals and vocals then build up toward the drop, which is quite rejuvenating to hear from start to finish. With its lovely beat and its gorgeous melody, the track is unquestionably set up for success even without the existence of any Hardstyle elements.

“Lift Me Up” will be released on Ultra Music on April 8th.