Kygo partners with nightlife guru David Grutman in Miami

But it’s not what you think. While Kygo has been busy making waves in the Miami music scene, I bet the last thing you expected him to do was release his own…dessert! That’s right, amidst all the madness of the coveted Ultra Music Festival, Kygo has taken to the restaurant industry with nightclub extraordinaire David Grutman (owner of LIV and STORY) to create a truly delicious looking chocolate cake, named ‘Cloud Nine’.

If the idea of regular chocolate cake hasn’t already made your mouth water, Kygo’s Cloud Nine is a triple chocolate cake with double chocolate mousse, topped with a spiced milk chocolate cremoux, garnished with shichimi spiced caramel popcorn, and a chocolate cigar. YUM! The cake comes topped with a mango passion fruit sauce, a quenelle of mango passion fruit sorbet on the side, along with chocolate pearls and cubes.


This delectable dessert is available now at Komodo.