Kygo premieres new track with John Legend

Kygo probably passed through the most rapid rise to superstardom in electronic music’s history. While performing on the Live Stage at Ultra Music Festival last year, Kygo was given the honour to play a main slot at the mainstage of this year’s UMF.

After revealing that he is pursuing a new direction with the recently unleashed “Fragile” alongside Labrinth, the Norwegian producer left no doubt that he will premiere some new music as well during his performance. Refuting some critics regarding his upcoming “Cloud Nine” with a recently uploaded mini mix, Kygo demonstrated some of the most versatile sounds that we’ve heard from the producer yet. With names like Tom Odell and Sia being featured on the album, Kygo set the bar very high. He has not left any indications as to when Cloud Nine will be officially released, but fans should expect it soon.

As he stepped on the stage at UMF Day 1, Kygo proved that he is more than ready for a bombastic first appearance on the mainstage. Opening his set with the mighty “Carry Me”, he didn’t hesitate to premiere a new track right after the opener. The ID sees the producer join forces with John Legend to cement his signature sound. While the timpani tones that comprise much of Kygo’s body of work are indeed present in the song, they manifest themselves as a bolster in the background rather than a leading component. What stands out is John Legends divine voice and a catchy piano melody. Even though the track is a undeniable pop song, that can be predicted to hit to upper ranks of the world’s charts, it deviates from Kygo’s standard production.

And it still remains unclear if the track will be found on Cloud Nine, which makes it obviously more exciting. Check out his full Ultra Miami 2016 set below!

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