Lakeshore – Feels So Good (feat. Charlie Valentine)

Lakeshore is a Chicago-based DJ/Producer that you are likely hear more and more of in the coming months and year. Having only been on the path of dance music production for just over a year, he has already proved worthy of notice.

Now with two remixes of his own under his belt, his latest one was understandably signed by Mastered Records after he uploaded it to his SoundCloud account. With the remixes taking a deep house direction, Lakeshore has expanded his sub-genre spectrum with his latest material.

Coming at is with his first original piece, the young American take a slightly more funky angle to his sound, using more of a future house basis. Dropping 3 weeks ago, Lakeshore pairs up with the luscious male vocals of Charlie Valentine for a feel-good and energizing composition. And while little is know about Charlie Valentine, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s picked up by a few others in the not to distant future.

Opening with teasing vocal snippets, a heavy bass from the outset sets the club-like atmosphere in full fruition. Entering in elegant piano chords, unifying claps formally initiate the tracks build up to what is an electric drop. Topped by the infectious vocal layer, the drop delivers a melodic and bass dominant sequence featuring charismatic vocal chopping and chimed instruments scattered throughout.

Going on to a more elastic break down, the redevelopment of the tempo creates an atmosphere of anticipation for the drops second serving. Providing ever-more of Valentines voice, Lakeshore certainly proves he is to be valued by his weight in gold after a mighty debut to original production such as this.

Be sure to get your copy of this Free Download from the link, and keep an eye out for what could quite possibly be the start of something much bigger for Lakeshore!

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