Lost Frequencies exposes what’s next for him in the near future in exclusive interview

Lost Frequencies is a young producer from Belgium who became a DJ known worldwide in the blink of an eye. With only two singles released, Felix De Laet tours the world and make the crowd sing along his catchy tracks. We had the chance of asking him a couple of questions after his performance at EDC México. He was surprised to receive such a warm welcome by the Mexican crowd on the mainstage after playing his hit “Are You With Me,” which was happily chanted by thousands of people, warming the DJ’s heart.

We sat down with him to know a bit more about this young producer and his sudden jump into the DJ stardom. De Laet was really calm and happy to answer all of our questions and we wish him the best for the rest of the year.


What can we expect from Lost Frequencies in terms of music in 2016?


“Well, you know I had my two big hits “Are You With Me” and “Reality” but now I’m going to release a next single. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s gonna be huge. I just love it and I played a version of it in my set, and I have the new version but I don’t want to play it because I want to keep for me and I’m working on an album that I hope will be released before the summer”


What can we expect on your album?


“When you will be listening to my album I think of it as a story. You’ll hear the nice sounds from “Are You With Me” and “Reality” but I also don’t wanna do the same stuff on the whole album as a concept. So you know, I’m trying different things and I hope people are gonna like it because I’m not gonna be doing hard stuff; it’s gonna stay chill and I really hope people are gonna enjoy it.”


Can you tell us more about your rise as a worldwide known producer?


“I never expected to sign music and to be able to tour as a DJ, because for me it’s all really strange, you know? I went to a lot of festivals when I was younger, and I mean, I’m still young but I never expected to be that guy behind the decks and entertaining such a huge amount of people. When I play, I love  my music, but I really hope that people like it too because my music is a part of me”


What city is the next capital of dance music?


“I don’t think there’s a capital for dance music, because in every country you have a specific genre that’s popular. For example, in the Netherlands it’s all that hard stuff that’s big, in Germany you can see that in some cities techno is huge… so I cannot say which city would be the capital. When I have to think about it, I would say Amsterdam, because of the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), because once a year everybody goes there and for me this is like a reunion for everybody. It’s really fun. From dubstep, to techno, everybody is there and I think that’s really cool. Still, I think there’s no capital for dance music. We have a community, and that’s more important.


Which song of yours would you say describes yourself the best?


“I think “Are You With Me,” even because of the simple fact that it was my first single and it became so huge. I mean, the track is huge, not me. The track is gonna last for a long time. It’s catchy, and I made it because I liked it and I’m so proud of it. It’s like my baby *laughs*.” 


How did you start your career?


“I actually started as a producer, then I became a DJ. I had to learn how to act in front of people, because I didn’t know how to do it so it took me about one year to learn how it works. Still today, I learn stupid things everyday on how to act in front of people.”



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