Major Lazer

Major Lazer make history with 400,000 in Cuba

Major Lazer are no stranger’s to big, adoring crowd’s. Having globe-trotted the world over the past few year’s, their recent rise to the peak of headlining names is no accident. Infectious in sound, energy and ethos, their themed aurora has ignited millions of listeners worldwide.

However, when a crowd reaches nearly half a million people, the shear scale prompts a historical context.

Since the USA’s embargo against Cuba was finally dropped nearly 50 years since its inception, relations and opportunities have only flourished. Which in turn has allowed dance music to enter the sphere of influence and popularity for the youthful population. Taking their ‘Peace is the Mission’ show with them to the iconic and characterful capital city of Havana, Major Lazer were met by 400,000 spectator’s. For them specially.

The free concert on the waterfront was a momentous occasion. It was the first time dance music had been played on the land mass. EDM didn’t exist last time international act’s came to perform. So it was in a way, a once in a lifetime circumstance, for Major Lazer and fan’s alike.

With Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire at the helm, Cuba now seems like the newest and most exciting tour destination for the industry and it’s act’s to bring their talent and unity.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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