Martin Garrix hints at a prospective collaboration with Justin Bieber

With the launch of his new label that we reported about here and the recent previews that have surfaced of his new track ‘Now That I’ve Found You‘ with ‘Don’t You Worry Child‘ hit singer/songwriter John Martin, there seems to be no end to the output from Martin Garrix‘ side. And to add to that the poster boy of mainstream Electronic Dance Music hinted at a collaboration with his counter-part from contemporary Pop-music, Justin Bieber.



The two artists, who are undoubtedly at the greatest points in their careers even though Bieber seems to be moving into more and more of the Electronic Dance Music sphere aiming for popularity, had been seeing a lot of anticipation for a collaboration between them from fans around the social media. And when one such opportunity came to Twitter user @biebergarrix (you didn’t even need ask the question), he inquired Garrix’ newly established label STMPD RCRDS about a possible collaboration to which the label replied in affirmative.

What the collaboration holds in store is beyond any of us at the moment. Would it be their path to further glory or would both heavyweights sink the boat?

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