Ms. Unicorn drops her biggest track to date

Ms. Unicorn is a name many won’t have heard of – yet. Hailing from New York City, the enchanting persona that comes with the name is one of Deep and Future house’ rising talents. And while little is known about her, the music to date speaks for itself.

Delivering her latest Future House track, “The Darkest Part of Me”, she combines both production skill and vocal talent . Showcasing a darker side to her material, Ms. Unicorn brings a more bass-driven sound, creating a fresh take on the genre. And while it leans more towards a stylistic pop character, it’s undoubtedly catchy to say the least. Soulful vocals top a melodic chord progression that deliver a searching breakdown. Contrasting neatly with the distorted synths the infectious mood sets a dynamic mood. Bringing in a heavier, hard-hitting drop, the club-esque atmosphere is reminiscent of some the sub-genre’s leading names and their best work.

Beautifully crafted with her own voice, the track delivers a dreamy effect, implying only good things are to come with the mysterious up-and-coming talent. Having amassed over 10,000 plays in just 48 hours, it’s no mistake “The Darkest Part Of Me” is her biggest track to date.

Be sure to grab your free copy of “The Darkest Part of Me” here and check out the full track below!

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