Paul van Dyk is set to make a steady recovery

Paul van Dyk’s luck has turned around considering the recent reported circumstances about his fall from a stage during A State Of Trance 750 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Although he sustained serious injuries, the German star-DJ is spared from any permanent damage. The platform was said to be 6 meters tall, equating to falling from a 2-storey building; a height where the worst could have happened. Fortunately, the 44 year old legend and his fans can breathe easily again.

PvD’s management has finally given us their statement on his current condition.


Many fans continued to offer their thoughts and prayers via the social medias as it remains uncertain when Paul van Dyk will return to touring. As for now, we can presume that his 7 upcoming performance for the month of March will be cancelled.

We wish Paul a speedy recovery.

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