Remixes: Otto Knows feat. Lindsey Stirling & Alex Aris – Dying For You

The melodic maestro Otto Knows‘ recent hit ‘Dying For You‘ saw the Swede join forces with America’s most sought after modern violinist Lindsey Stirling, as well as feature the equally impressive vocals of Alex Aris. Over one month has passed since the track was released, and now we are treated to a remix package that sees The Him, Didrick, Jetique, David K and Oliver Moldan all put their twist on the original.

First up is The Him, and the Dutch duo provide us with a remix that features a very catchy piano-infused melody coupled with classic house loops and bouncy leads; elements that are sure to get you dancing. This one will be perfect at a summer pool party. Next up we have the insanely talented Didrick, who provides us with a down-tempo, atmospheric remix as he pitches the vocals to give them a robotic effect and combines them with some beautiful chords.

Whilst Jetique infuses the vocals with some classic deep house synths and cymbals to create a funky track that is certain to get the crowd on the dance floor moving. Also on remix duties was David K., and the German producer keeps the vibe of the original track in-tact through the use of some violins and soft piano chords together with a catchy beat. Last but not least we have Oliver Moldan, who also keeps the original violin melody but delivers it with a chilled and tropical vibe to it.

The full remix remix package is out now, and can be streamed in full on Spotify below.