Sick Individuals Talks Upcoming Music and Collaboration with DBSTF In Exclusive Interview

Following their mind blowing set at Ultra Music Festival on Friday and the release of their brand new track “Into The Light“, we had the pleasure to sit down with Sick Individuals and discuss their weeks, collaboration experience with REVEALED artists and future plans.

Known for their knack in crafting vocal melodic tracks, Sick Individuals has made their appearance on the radio and in festival sets. With notable hits, “Wasting Moonlight”, “Waiting For You”, and “Feel Your Love”, they are back stronger than ever, ready to dominate the EDM scene in the remaining 2016. Check out the interview below:


WRY: Hi, this is James from We Rave You and we are here with Sick Individuals at Ultra Music Festival. Without further adieu, let’s head straight into the questions. Why the name Sick Individuals?

SI: We started out with 3 people, that was like 4 years ago, there was a MC with us and he would always shout into the crowd saying “these guys are sick or this is a sick song.” That’s how the name came up, we don’t have a fancy story but that’s the real story.

WRY: How was the creation process and what was your favorite part about filming the music video to your newest single “Into The Light”?

SI: The process was, we always work with the same guys in LA, we are a great team together so we think about the story line in the beginning and wrote everything around it. For this track, we made a video about a guy who was actually not a really good guy, he steals the cop’s uniform and eventually he finds a person in need of help and he helps her. We thought that was a really cool story, he goes “into the light.” Also, it is a very happy song, a little childish like the break down, so we thought it would be really cool to do an aggressive video, it would be a nice contrast between these two. We want to make a happy childish clip, it really adds something to the whole video/music.

WRY: Can you tell us about a typical day in the studio with 4 people, because you guys collaborated with DBSTF, which is also a duo, how does it work?

SI: With these guys, it’s a lot of fun. You know sometimes, it’s really hard because everyone wants to grab the mouse and start working, but we have such a great connection and that’s the reason why we started making this second track, and we are definitely going to work on another track this year. Also we are really good with piano, guitar, vocals and they are really good with synthesizers, tweaking nice, cool sounds. So I think this combination really works. I would say that we need a fat sound, then they come in and when they need a chord progression, we come in. That’s how we work with them. It’s actually really funny, we would have everything on the computer but we couldn’t come up with a good melody, like for the hook, and we went for dinner and we would be singing in the restaurant, then we go back to the studio and nail it. Inspiration just strikes us, sometimes we would say: we need to go back to the studio right now and do this.

WRY: Any talents to look out for in your newest episode of “This Is Sick“? You guys just released the 90th episode right?

SI: That is a good question, I haven’t really think about that before. There are so many, not one that we are pushing in particular. Actually, there is a great guy, Roulsen, he made a remix for our track with Dannic “Feel Your Love”. There is Holl & Rush, they are guys who are producing really well. We might make a track with them as well, so there are a lot of talents right now and we are trying to figure out what kind of music they want to make, you know, that’s the first thing they want to try. It is very interesting because they are very creative and they come up with new ways to get into the scene.

WRY: You guys played at the Ultra Radio Stage yesterday, which was also a Revealed showcase, can you tell us a little about your experience playing at a major festival?

SI: Playing with the Revealed guys is always fun, we do it all around the world. Playing at Ultra means something special, we can play a lot of new stuff, and I think everyone does. People are expecting new music. I was really surprised that it went so crazy yesterday, everyone came on, Hardwell joined us on stage for a moment, we did 3 songs together. I had goose bumps all over, it was very cool. What is cool about Ultra is that you can play a lot of new music, and people really dig it. Sometimes when you play somewhere else, people want to hear all the hits and maybe you can do 2 new songs but here they really want to hear that new stuff.

WRY: Any future plans on collaborating with other Revealed Artists, like Hardwell, considering you guys worked with Dannic a while back.

SI: Yeah, definitely, we did a track with Thomas Newsome. Also we are working on something with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and it would be nice to work with Hardwell in the future. We will see what happens haha. We are passing around demos right now and we will work on a track at some point.

WRY: I look forward to that! Can you tell us about your upcoming tracks, or maybe an EP that’s coming up soon. Also what can the fans expect from you in the remaining 2016?

SI: In the coming month, we will release some progressive house,  we did some hard bangers last month but this is more like a cool vibe. We want to do some vocal melodic records again so these tracks are coming out. In 2016 people will hear that new kind of stuff we want to present, still Sick Individuals, but maybe a little bit in the slower tempo, a bit more like a song structure and fits better for the radio. They are just nice new songs.

WRY: Do you guys plan on branching out into different genres, like besides progressive house?

SI: We are working on a lot of different things but we are not going to make trap, or hip-hop. Maybe people would say it’s a different genre but for us it’s just a little slower, or the break down is different and not so club-y and the mix is a little warm.

WRY: That’s all I have for you guys, thank you so much for sitting down with us here at Ultra Music Festival. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Check out their brand new music video for their new single “Into The Light”, a collaboration with DBSTF below!