Sophie Francis – Drop Of A Dime

Sophie Francis is one of the industry’s most promising and distinctive starlets. And whether you’ve heard of her emergence or not, the material and achievement already speaks for itself.

The 17-year-old DJ, Producer and Pianist has already attracted some of the biggest names in the industry, with the likes of Showtek and W&W heaping on the praise for one of the most promising female DJ’s emerging into the international spotlight. It should also come as no surprise she hails from the power-house for the production of EDM talents – The Netherlands.

And it’s not just her striking looks that are to credit for the Dutch lass’ ascending success. More so it’s her track record. Having already performed in-front of 1.2 million TV viewers, and played at clubs in The Netherlands, Spain and South Africa, including the iconic BCM Mallorca, the young luminary is cued up for an impressive year and bright future.

“Drop of a Dime” is the first of 4 original tracks set to be released over the coming months. Having been picked up by John Christian’s surging label, Freeway Recordings, Sophie Francis’ music certainly doesn’t come with a facade. With the head-honcho credited to over 2000 tracks from his illustrious career, garnering his attention speaks volumes for the quality of her work to date, fronted by her receptive work ethos.

Bringing a fusion of bellowing bass, heart-racing tempo and soaring synths, the big-room sound is already turning heads with her production abilities. Dominated by its thunderous melodic overlay, the anthemic atmosphere brings with it a rich power. An energy that is hard to conjure and rare in the big-room scene today. In turn only adding to the anticipation surrounding her future material!

Out for release worldwide, you can be sure “Drop of a Dime” won’t the first hit you hear from Sophie Francis!

Be sure to grab your copy of her debut single today!

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