Steve Aoki set to collaborate with rock legends Blink 182 for upcoming album

Steve Aoki is set to collaborate with another rock band and this time, it’s not Linkin Park. In a viral tweet uniting EDM and rock fans, Steve Aoki poses with Blink 182 and confirms a collaboration that is most likely to be released on his upcoming album.

The members of Blink 182 including infamous drummer Travis Barker were included in the tweet with the hashtag “neonfutureIII”, the name of Aoki’s next album. Barker and Steve have worked on multiple projects in the past, but the addition of the rest of the Blink 182 memebers is a brilliant surprise for music fans everywhere. Neon Future I & II were released in 2015 so we can quite rightly assume ‘Neon Future III’ will make its way to stores in mid or late 2016.

We’ll keep you informed on further updates regarding ‘Neon Future III’.