Still Young deliver their riveting EP ‘Finally’

Still Young have been steadily rising through the ranks of the dance music world over the past few years. And it’s not through a ‘sell-out’ transition to mainstream charts, but rather a consistent production of quality, and respected, material.

Having had numerous releases on Steve Angello’s acclaimed SIZE imprint, the talented duo dropped their 5-track EP just over 24 hours ago. And it’s fair to say we’ve been eagerly awaiting it for quite a while. Acting as thank you for their loyal fans support, they recently opened up in a heartfelt Facebook post regarding their creative process and inspiration behind writing their music.

Orientated around an energetic effect and inducing sounds, the EP, titled ‘Finally’, acts not only a appreciative gesture by Still Young, but also showcases their creativity, skill and technique in a neat little package.

Teaming up the infectious vocals of Ollie James, “On Your Side” provides a grand opening. Bold in its build up, the track’s dominant tempo-escalation and surging guitar synths reflect a fierce status of intent. “Insignia”, the second track from the EP, delivers a different sort of energy. Far more liquid in it’s development, the dramatic change in tone at the progression makes it the powerhouse tune from ‘Finally’. Morphed in electronic sounds, the eclectic atmosphere is an engaging one to the ear.

Followed up by “Rock N Rolla”, Still Young’s fusion of grinding progressive-electro house with a more ‘synthy’, organic bridge is a marvel in itself. In contrast, “Fallen Skies” featuring Cazzi Opeia, brings a more radio-friendly vocal track. Still maintaining its night club edge, the 3 minutes 28 seconds provides an invigorating example of Still Young’s wider appeal. Bringing up the back-end of the EP is “Dreams”, and as the title implies, its atmosphere is near a dream state. Transcending in impact, the track almost reflects the previous 4 tracks characteristics, with booming bass, drawn melodies and pulsating tempo adaptations culminating in a fitting end. An end that demonstrates yet again why Still Young are one of Steve Angello’s, and his label SIZE, primary sources of talent.

Available today, Still Young’s EP ‘Finally‘ is definitely not one to be overlooked!

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